Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grant Geissman Art!

 Grant Geissman  is an absolute genius guitarist, a tremendous musical composer, and a HUUUUGE lover of EC comics. Saying his love of comics is unparalleled is not an overstatement, he's written MANY books on MAD magazine artists so working with and for him is ALWAYS the most humbling and challenging of scenarios because he KNOWS what he wants to see and comes at you with a laundry list of visual stimulation. He's made me push my boundaries and I can NOT thank him enough for asking me to work with him over three times the last ten years. All of these images were painted in gouache on illustration board.

"Say That!" cover

gatefold "Say That"

"Cool Man Cool" Cover 

"Cool Man Cool"gatefold

"Bop Bang Boom" Cover

"Bop Bang Boom"gatefold