Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Haunted World of El Super Beasto"

Opening Shot - (cue) Loud Thunder Clap - evil laughter and monster moan rising to life

Club Cthulhu Int.

Dusk in "Monsterville"

Nazi Gangland


Club Entrance

First take on what this place may or may not have been like - "Monsterville" is a name only a dreaded out rockstar would feel is befitting for a movie location. why not call it "Creeperston" or "Scarytown"?

this one works best by far out of all of the drawings above - just for feeling - the dirtier the grosser the smellier the better i think for "Monsterville"

Club Theater

Dr Satan's Lair - the corpse of Kong

Penis and vagina motifs befit a necrosexclub - no?

the Bar

Beasto's room

Beasto's bathroom 
the Valet

Narrator #1 ...who kills dead ...

narrator #2

1st Day on the job - first thing i did - never the very best image