Monday, February 8, 2016


This is the first image released for a new short, 'Lazybones' that is being made over at Nick created by the genius duo of Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey ! I helped out with painting the backgrounds which were laid out by Kenny Pittenger. I can't wait to see this one completed!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mr Peabody & Sherman Dreamworks TVA

 My first episode was a brother and sister fight, and Cleopatra wasn't about to fight 
FAIR! This brute version of her wasn't favored in the hearts of the staff at Dreamworks. I try... happily this episode was nominated for an Annie award for character design, sadly it wasn't chosen as the winner. HOWEVER - the crew DID earn an Annie for the best Production Design in an animated series for television!
First drawing of the boys here.
Third Panel Act 1  Egypt

thumb beat phrase structure  
Daddy's Little Girl
Cleopatra's dinner invite to Mark Antony...and some words I wrote.
the Kid brother Ptolemy  
who doesn't love candy? this was cut is the full 3 acts...

ACT 2 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Turbo Simon and Schuster Dreamworks

These images painted for an adaptation of the film Turbo for Jr readers
published bySimon & Schuster and Dreamworks 2014

"Kumkwats" Vis Dev Nickelodeon

 All of these images are painted gouache on illustration board.

gouache on illustration board

3.5x2.5" gouache color thumbnail

pencil rough 
pencil rough 
 3.5x2.5" color thumbnail - gouache
rough layout - pencil 

gouache on illustration board 

rough layout - pencil 

3.5X2.5" color comp gouache on illustration card 

3.5X2.5" gouache on illustration card 
india ink